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What is Microsoft Edge? What Should it Be? (Premium)

Inspired by a forum post, I’m revisiting one of the more contentious issues we have with Windows 10. The […]

Watch Out Alexa, Google is Coming Home

I’ve long said that I expect Google Assistant usage to surpass that of Amazon Alexa. This is how it happens. […]

Microsoft’s Building the Next-Gen HoloLens in Broad Daylight

19 May 18 | Hardware, HoloLens, Windows

One thing I was looking forward to at Build 2018 is that I had been hearing whispers that Microsoft may […]

Behind the Scenes: Chicago 2018 (Premium Video)

This week, Paul and I were in Chicago and as we have done on all of our trips, we recorded […]

Ask Paul: May 18 (Premium)

This was sort of a short week from a free time perspective, so this is sort of a short Ask […]

Google to Remove Secure Site Indicator from Chrome

18 May 18 | Chrome, Cloud, Windows

Google announced this week that it will remove the green security indicator in its Chrome web browser by the end […]

First Ring Daily Live: Home for a Minute

On this live episode of First Ring Daily, Brad is home, Paul took a long way home, and we close […]

The Sams Report: Microsoft, The Hardware Company

On this episode of the Sams Report, Microsoft has a lot happening in the hardware space and it’s time to […]

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