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Essential Launches Three New Limited Edition Colors for Its Flagship Phone

As promised, Essential is coming out with three new limited edition colours for its flagship smartphone, the PH-1. Despite selling […]

Microsoft Photos Companion for Android and iOS is Now Available

Microsoft has released its Photos Companion app for Android and iOS, which integrates with the Photos app in Windows 10. […]

YouTube TV Adds New Channels, Raises Price

Google will announce today that it is expanding the YouTube TV channel lineup by about 20 percent. But it is […]

Essential Needs a Do-Over, Not a New Color (Premium)

Essential certainly doesn’t need any more bad press. But it brought this one on itself. To access this post, you […]

Google Nexus Had to Die So Pixel Could Live (Premium)

A new interview with the person who runs Google’s hardware efforts finally casts some light on why the Nexus lineup […]

Amazon Does Right by its Customers (Premium)

Amazon’s excellent customer service plays as big a role in the firm’s success as its aggressive business tactics. To access […]

Google Pixel and Essential were 2017’s High-Profile Flagship Failures (Premium)

Two of the most eagerly-awaited smartphone flagships of 2017 were epic sales failures. To access this post, you must purchase […]

The Next Version of Android Will Support iPhone X-Like Notches

Shortly after shipping Android Oreo 8.1, Google started working on the next version of its OS: Android P. Bloomberg today […]