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Apple to Ditch Intel in Favour of Its Custom Chips in Macs From 2020

02 Apr 18 | ARM, Hardware, Intel, iOS, iPhone, Mac, Windows

Apple could be heading towards a major transition for its laptop business. The company is reportedly planning to get rid […]

What if This is the Future of Windows? (Premium)

Discussions this week have me wondering if Microsoft isn’t secretly plotting a future for Windows that actually makes sense. To […]

What’s the Value Proposition for Snapdragon-Based Always Connected PCs? (Premium)

We now have a clearer understanding of how ARM-based Always Connected PCs will fair compared to their more established x86 […]

ARM-Based Always-Connected Windows 10 PCs Approach the Finish Line

Microsoft is claiming this week that its hardware partners are “on track” to deliver the first ARM-based Always Connected PCs […]

Intel Threatens to Sue Qualcomm Over Windows 10

If you enjoy the spectacle of tech giants circling each other in court like some old “Godzilla vs. King Kong” […]

If Windows 10 on ARM Works Properly, It Will Be Boring

While there’s understandably been a lot of excitement around Microsoft bringing full Windows 10 to the ARM platform, there’s also […]

Microsoft Details Windows 10 on ARM

11 May 17 | ARM, Windows, Windows 10

Microsoft today released a prerecorded video timed for Build 2017 that details Windows 10 on ARM and how its x86 […]