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Google’s $399 Premium Home Max Speaker Now Available

Google unveiled a premium smart speaker called the Google Home Max along with its new line of hardware back in […]

Gmail Now Lets You Use Your Outlook Account on the iPhone

05 Dec 17 | Gmail, Google, iOS, Mobile, Outlook, Windows

Google is bringing support for third-party email accounts to Gmail on iOS this week. The company released a new update […]

Google Play Music Device Management is Broken (Premium)

Google Play Music has a major downside that I keep bumping into. And now it’s completely broken too. To access […]

Android is Always Tracking You

It’s no secret that Google has a lot of data about every single one of its customers. The search engine […]

Winners and Losers in the Smart Speaker Wars (Premium)

Even Microsoft was able to ship a smart speaker in 2017. How do you like them Apples? To access this […]

HTC Introduces New Standalone Vive VR Headset in China, Cancels Daydream VR headset

HTC is launching a standalone Daydream VR headset in China today. The company’s new Vive Focus headset is a virtual […]

Chrome is Being Updated to Block More Web Annoyances

09 Nov 17 | Chrome, Cloud, Google, Windows

Google said this week that it will enhance its Chrome web browser over the next few versions to prevent some […]

Google Home and Assistant Pick Up Over 50 Activities for Kids

At its hardware event earlier this month, Google previewed a coming collection of games, activities, and stories, designed for children […]