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It’s Time to Discuss the Notch. Again (Premium)

The next OnePlus handset will include a notch that intrudes into the display. Is this design decision defensible? To access […]

The Future of Windows? (Premium)

30 Mar 18 | Premium, Windows, Windows 10

Let’s take a moment to consider what this week’s changes mean for Windows and for the many millions of people […]

Terry (Premium)

Premium Membership Includes: Full Access to content on Thurrott readers will have access to deeper, richer articles written by […]

Thinking About Apple’s Education Play (Premium)

28 Mar 18 | Apple, iOS, iPad, Mobile, Premium, Windows

once you get past the marketing whitewash, it’s not clear why any credible K-12 institution would take up Apple on […]

How Many Windows Users? (Premium)

26 Mar 18 | Premium, Windows, Windows 10

Recent data suggests that the overall Windows user base may be bigger than I previously thought. Warning: Math occurs. To […]

UWP Failed … and Now Apple and Google are Copying It (Premium)

Microsoft’s apps platform for Windows 10 is a failure. So why are Google and Apple both copying it? To access […]

Living on the (Microsoft) Edge in 2018? (Premium)

With another Windows 10 version nearing completion, its time to again re-examine Microsoft Edge to see whether this browser can […]

Thinking About Google’s “Big Bet” on Games (Premium)

Google this week is touting its “big bet” on games and its efforts to transform the Play Store into the […]